Le Centre de Relaxation Aquatique «Badanstalt»
Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG

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The Basics
Facility Name Le Centre de Relaxation Aquatique «Badanstalt»
Web Address http://www.vdl.lu/Culture+et+Loisirs/Sports/Les+infrastructures+sportives/Piscines.html

Street Address 12, Rue des Bains , City Centre , Luxembourg , LUXEMBOURG (Postal Code: L-1212)

Telephone 4796-2550

Visitors (adult) €3.40. [June, 2014]
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Pools and Boards at Facility
Pool 1~25m x ~10m, unstriped, irregularly shaped, 0.5m - 1.5m depth, indoors, water temperature not reported

Latitude, Longitude 49.61357, 6.12880

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Teams that Use Facility
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Facility Reviews
Although beautiful, it was designed for families, not as a lap pool. It was immaculate but full of kids, had no lane lines, and jets of water went off randomly. I did like the jet that allowed me to swim endlessly, if I didn't go too fast.
The lockerroom is for both sexes, requiring swimmers to ferry their gear to a changing compartment, change, and then ferry everything back to the locker. That means wearing a wet suit back to the changing compartment.
The shape of the pool is not conducive to lap swimming. There is only a small area where a swimmer would be able to push off both walls. After seeing the layout, I decided not to swim there. Had I known the layout, I would have gone the extra distance to either of the 50 meter pools a bit further from the city center. Swimmers can decide if they want to swim there by looking at couple of photographs: Photo 1 and Photo 2. [June, 2014]
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