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Updated April 14, 2020.

Facility Overview

Facility Name
Hütteldorferstraße 2h, 15th District
Vienna (Wien), Vienna 1150
(01) 890 1764 890

Adult Admission Price & Policy

€7.70. [July, 2023]
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Full-Size, Year-Round Pools & Boards

Pool 1
50m x 25m, 10 lanes, 2m - 5m depth, indoors, 27º - 28ºC (81º - 82ºF).
Pool 2
50m x 10m, indoors, 28ºC (82ºF).
Two 1m diving boards, two 3m diving boards, and 3m, 5m, 7.5m, and 10m diving platforms.


48.200933, 16.331957

Teams That Use This Facility

We have no web links or contact information for teams that train at this facility.

Facility Notes

There is also a 15m x 6m indoor teaching pool. From the main swimming hall there is access to an outdoor terrace, a small shop, massage, and a restaurant; there is another restaurant downstairs.There are also saunas, a steam room, and swimming and diving courses are offered. There are numerous options for family swims, day cards, sauna and massage, etc. at different costs. Some days are mixed sex sauna days until 4 P.M. in the men's sauna.
The facility reopened in 2014 after a multi-year closure for refurbishment.
Summertime visitors to Vienna will be interested to know about the 50m x 25m, 10-lane, outdoor, seasonal Stadionbad, which is open from the beginning of May to the middle of September. The pool can be found on a map HERE.

Facility Reviews

Beautiful facility. The 50 meter indoor pool is lovely with very clear, very clean water that shimmers as it reflects off the metal bottom. Half the pool for lanes, which do not have an obvious system, but swimmers were respectful. Not crowded. No caps needed. No need for locks or coins for lockers. High dives. Free hair driers. Easily accessible by public transport (subway and tram) get off at Burgg-Stadthalle and walk a block.
[September, 2014]
I swam here on a Saturday morning. The pool was crowded, with approximately four to eight swimmers per lane. The four lanes set up for lap swimming were not speed-designated so swimmers simply passed in the middle of the lane to accommodate different speeds. It is a very nice facility and the front desk personnel were extremely helpful.
[May, 2016]
Although somewhat off-centre, situated equidistant from the Schweglerstraße, Westbahnhof and Burggasse-Stadthalle U-Bahn stations, this fine facility is readily accessible from the rest of the city.

The facility has one of the most fiddly entrance/exit systems that I’ve ever encountered. In return for your payment, you will be given a plastic card. Hold this against the sensor to release the admission turnstile directly beside the reception desk. To obtain a locker token, insert the plastic card into the machine at the bottom of the short flight of stairs directly beyond the turnstile. The plastic card will also be returned to you: retain it because you will need it again to exit the facility after your swim. Large non gender-specific locker room: small number of cubicles for those requiring privacy while getting changed.

From the locker room, the pool (which is in the upper part of the building) is reached either by a staircase (around 60 steps) or elevator. It's a steel-lined pool at a temperature ideal for lap swimming. Half of the pool is usually laned for lap swimming. The remaining half is often divided cross-wise to provide two 25 metre zones: one for leisure swimming, the other for diving. The five lanes were not speed differentiated (although the lane nearest the far side of the pool appeared to be routinely used for instruction): observe and make a judgment as to which lane will suit you. Although on each of my visits the pool was busy, there were never more than about six swimmers in any one lane, slower swimmers tending to stick to the leisure zone. Good lane discipline is practiced.

On exiting, firstly insert the plastic card into the machine next to the exit turnstile. Secondly, insert the locker token. Thirdly, the plastic card will be returned to you: take it. Fourthly, insert the plastic card into the receptacle on top of the exit turnstile. Fifthly, a green light will let you know that the turnstile has been released and you will finally be able to make your way out back into Hütteldorferstraße!
[February, 2017]
A fantastic, gigantic pool! When I was there, five lanes were set up as lane swimming and five as open swim - tho' everyone in the open swim lanes area was also doing laps. The half of the pool set up for open swim was still bigger than any pool I’ve swum in before. When I was there on a mid-week early afternoon, there were only two or three people in the lap lanes and a handful of people in the open swim half.

It's super clean and constantly being maintained. Everything is new, with some amazingly beautiful tiles! The English-speaking reception staff was helpful and friendly. An amazing pool and a fabulous swim.
[March, 2017]
The entry system is exactly as described in the review above from February, 2017 - certainly without reading these comments beforehand I would have struggled!

The lane set up is also as described as above - 5 lanes for lap swimming and the other half of the pool split between "leisure swimming" and diving.

The one disadvantage is that the 5 lanes for lap swimming aren't divided by speed and (at least on my visit on a Friday afternoon) people were a bit clueless, e.g., very slow swimmers getting in lanes with fast swimmers instead of lanes with slower swimmers. The other swimmers' lane discipline also wasn't great (although comparable to the times I've swum in France and Switzerland), but there were only 3 or 4 other people in the lane at any one time so, overall, the swimming conditions were pretty good.
[August, 2019]
One of the best public lap pools- exactly as described, including the mysterious entrance and token process- though I will add that the cashier was both extremely helpful and polite, and spoke excellent English when giving me the first-timer's instructions. The co-ed locker room works fine and everything was extremely clean. On Saturday and afternoons during the week after school time, there was instruction in the farthest lane. Passing was a bit challenging on Saturday with five or six swimmers of various abilities per lane; on weekdays, the lanes had one to four swimmers.
[November, 2019]
Swim here; you will not regret it. All other reviews were spot on. The instructions in the February, 2017, review on entering and exiting were bang on and, because I read it, I had ZERO issues. The locker room was great. Lane sharing work as well; I do like passing in the middle of the lane, when done properly. Again, swim here.
[February, 2020]
My first international post-lockdown swim (Sept., 2021) - and coincidentally my last pre-Covid one! (March, 2020). Still my favourite pool in Europe - clean, bright, spacious. Friendly staff and friendly swimmers, good etiquette. Post-pandemic rules: As with most places in Austria, you need a Covid pass to enter (proof of any of: double vaccination, negative PCR test or recent Covid immunity), in addition to filling out a contact form in the lobby before the reception. The best place to swim.
[September, 2021]
I swam here on a Thursday evening. The pool was set up for 50-metre, long-course with three lanes available to the public. There were about seven people per lane, not grouped by speed, and I got stuck behind slower swimmers a few times. The facility was fairly clean, overall. The pool has a unique metallic bottom.
[July, 2023]