Piscine Keller

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Updated April 14, 2020.

Facility Overview

Facility Name
Piscine Keller
14 Rue de l'Ingénieur Robert-Keller, 15th Arrondissement
Paris, Paris 75015
01 45 71 81 00

Adult Admission Price & Policy

€3.50. [January, 2020]
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Full-Size, Year-Round Pools & Boards

Pool 1
50m x 15m, 6 lanes, 1.4m - 3.4m depth, indoors with retractable glass roof, 27C (81ºF).


Metro: Charles-Michel
48.84771, 2.28251

Teams That Use This Facility

Masters Swim
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Facility Notes

Note that when the pool's roof is opened in summer, the water temperature may exceed 28ºC.
The facility also has a Facebook page.

Facility Reviews

This is one of the better Parisian pools. Far less crowded than some others; considerably more orderly in the lanes.
Requires a cap, which they will sell to those without one. Pull-buoys and kickboards are freely available. Towels and soap are not.
Lanes are not speed-designated, but swimmers sort themselves out and passing is acceptable. The water temperature is acceptable for serious lap-swimming. Showers and changing rooms are clean. Caps essential. Avoid midday on weekends.
Getting into the pool: (i) Your admission ticket is barcoded. Use the barcode to operate the facility's entry turnstile. Make sure that you keep the ticket because you will need it again to operate the turnstile when you leave. (ii) Street footwear is to be removed before entering the changing area. (iii) The changing area (not gender specific) is comprised of individual cubicles, each with dry side and wet side doors. After changing into your swimming kit (as is usual in France Speedo®-style kit and bathing caps are obligatory) take your street clothes through to the locker area on the wet side. (iv) Lockers work on a PIN code system. The instructions are displayed in French only. If you are an not a Francophone but can manage in English, this is what you do: when you have deposited your stuff in a locker, close the door and key in a 4-digit PIN of your choice followed by V (for validez) on the nearby keypad. (If the letter has worn off the V key, it's the one in the bottom right corner of the keypad). (Remember your locker number because when you leave you will need the following sequence to open it: key in locker number followed by V then key in your PIN followed by V.) (v) After all of that, you can pass through the showering area (again, not gender specific) and go and have your swim. There's plenty of space poolside for stuff that you want to keep with you.

At the pool itself: On my visit (mid-Sunday morning) there were four lanes reserved for lap swimming (slow, medium, fast, and with fins), the remainder of the pool being available for general use. The lanes were very crowded (about eight in the slow lane; over twice that number in each of the medium and fast lanes). Moreover, swimmers had not judged their speeds very well - most of those in the slow lane were moving faster than those in the medium lane! I managed 1,000 metres, but at times it had the feeling of a contact sport. I had to use breaststroke at moments of particular congestion when I felt the need to maintain good visibility of what was happening around me. The is not the place to do 'fly or to swim backwards (although there were numbers of folk doing backstroke of one kind or another).

All of that said, (i) I may have chosen a particularly difficult day: two of Paris's other 50 metre pools were closed at the time, (ii) despite adversity, everyone seemed to be very good humoured. This helped me to suppress my irritation and join in with the spirit. I actually enjoyed myself! My suggestions for other users: (i) select your lane carefully - don't assume anything from the lane designations; (ii) treat it as a different experience and have fun!
[December, 2014]
The previous review has everything correct in terms of cost, lockers, etc. I was planning to swim in a pair of jammers, but the front desk didn't like that -- too long. If you do need to buy a suit, there is a vending machine right there that has suits for €10. The quality is actually not too bad. Be prepared, though, if, like me, you haven't worn a Speedo since high school, the suits are small and it may not be a pretty sight.

I swam two days in a row, both days around 2 PM. The pool was very crowded. It seemed that a lot of the swimmers were triathletes practicing for an upcoming event. By Masters swimmers standards, I'm a pretty middling swimmer. So it speaks volumes that I was by far the fastest swimmer in the pool. Unfortunately, that means either having to slow down constantly or pass. Passing etiquette is to swim right down the center of the lane. The lanes are actually wide enough that you can get away with that. As the previous reviewer noted, certain lanes are labeled "fast" but that is largely ignored.

The pool itself is clean and well-maintained. So, if you have to get your gills wet, it's passable.

One additional word of warning ... they kick people out of the pool 1/2 hour before the hours stated on the website. That's to allow people time to shower, change, and be out the door at the stated closing time.
[June, 2017]